Monday, April 28, 2008

Maybe, just maybe, tomorrow I'll figure it out.

I love being a Mom. It's the best job ever. Yeah, I know the hours are long, there really isn't an exit clause but the rewards are worth every second. I keep reminding myself of this as I try, desperately try, and crack my one year old's habit of picking his nose!

"He does it out spite." "He does to get attention." "it's a power thing" "He does it because he can". "It feels good".

You name I've heard it, but no one can tell me how I can stop him from doing it. As soon as one finger is removed from nostril, the other one resumes where it left off, and so on, etc. Distractions. Oh yes, I've tried that. You name it. But as soon as he bores of new activity, Mommy making a fool of herself singing head and shoulders, the hokey pokey, old mcdonald (and on and on) he's right back where he left off. The kid does not miss a beat.

His will is stronger than mine!

We're going to our first proper activity tomorrow. I really hope we like it since we've paid for the term. In 50 minutes we're to sing, dance, play musical instruments, hear stories, do body movement, make sounds, do art, make a craft, play with puppets, rhymes, drama, do finger plays and social plays. I can't imagine doing all that in a week, let alone 50 minutes. I'll be sure to have a full strenght coffee before we get there!

That's all I have time for tonight. Must get a few pages in of the the book I'm reading (People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks) before Desperate Housewives.