Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An honest product review

By mistake I grabbed a box of Kraft *Smart* Mac & Cheese out of the pantry instead of the regular Annie's that we usually use.
I cooked it up, set it in front of my darling children and Mister-almost-four (MAF) pipes up and asks: "Is this a different kind?"
Being honest, I reply "Yes"
MAF responds with: "it smells like pee"
Again, being honest, I reply: "there is no pee in it so shouldn't smell like pee"
MAF comes back with: "it still smells like pee"

And, well, he's kinda right. The Smart in the pasta is cauliflower. Cauliflower on the best days, while tastes yummy, doesn't always smell that great.

Couldn't have been all that bad though, as both kids ate said mac & cheese, but I think I'll stick to giving them their 1/2 serving of veg the old fashioned way. And when I buy KD, I'll stick to the original, because frankly, the nutritional value of KD & Annie's is probably about the same. Ah, and here's someone who's done the work and, well it is!

Of course, if I was a really good mom I would make them mac & cheese from scratch, I know...but i'm not and i don't ;-p