Sunday, February 13, 2011

growling = rain; nose picking = fight picking

My son growls. He growls at me. He growls at his Dad. He growls at his sister. He growls at strangers.
Strangers don't really know what to do when he growls. Sometimes they keep on walking, pretending that the half pint next to them on the sidewalk did not just growl.
Others laugh and try and make him smile. This usually results in more growls and sometimes a bit of air punching (which is followed by more laughs from strangers)...
Today however a woman asked him please do not growl because she didn't want it to rain. I've heard that if you kill a spider it'll rain, I've never heard that if a kid growls it'll rain. So Vancouverites, be forewarned that the rain will probably never stop, because my son likes to growl.

Keeping in line with advice from strangers:

My son picks his nose. Incessantly. He will sometimes have both nostrils occupied at the same time. He also really likes to eat what he finds. Oh please, before you "oh gross"-me and close the browser, check your own kid, I"m sure they have the same predilection. So the other day, while waiting for our 'treats' and caffeine from from the drive-thru Starbucks (bless North America!) the window barrista told my DS that it was gross to pick your nose, followed by: "where I come from, if you pick your nose, it means you want to fight. And I've never lost a fight". This of course was rebutted by: "Batman will come and he'll eat you up. Batman is the fastest. You can't beat batman. Nope. He's the strooongest."

ah, the wisdom of strangers....