Thursday, July 16, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Toddler Edition |

It has been such a long time since I've posted anything. I'm a little surprised the blog is still here...I guess, where would it go?

Well, my darling son never did drop that midday nap, thank goodness, and I now have a darling daughter to wish about being a better mother to :-)

I just came across this video Extreme Makeover: Toddler Edition |, which I'm sure is a lark, but makes you wonder: How soon is too soon for plastic surgery. Apparently not a silly question, as according to the American Association of Plastic Surgery, it's on the rise for those under 18. They do have ethics and standards though and will normally not give girls breast implants until they are 18, and girls must wait until around 16 (boys 17) before they can have their nose done.

But what about Botox, the great fad of injection poison into your skin? Well, that's all the rage too for the under 18 crowd, but not for the same reason as the old folks use it...Teens use it to look cool. Literally. Apparently, a quick injection of Botox makes signs of sweating disappear. No more sweaty palms or pit stains. Of course, good ol' B is also being used to reduce lines (like teens have lines??) as are other tricks such as microdermabrasion, all in the hopes of capturing that youthful look.

It's a bit frightening to think of teens trying to make themselves look younger. I guess they have to in order not look older than their Mom at their high school graduation ;-)