Friday, December 18, 2009

oh so tired

Poor little man has been over tired for over a month! He had a very exciting visit with his cousins but between that and dropping his afternoon nap he has been a very cranky, over tired, hard to handle 2.5 year old!!
I am happy to say that we are on our way to getting him back under control and catching up on some of that missed sleep. Last night was stellar - a solid 11 hours!!

Little Miss is doing well - only getting up once in the night for a feed and would probably not need that if we could time her night time bottle a bit better. A work in progress.

Little Mr. Man had his last day of day care yesterday for 6 weeks. Ouch! I suppose if I were a 'better mother' I would be looking at it as an opportunity to spend 6 quality weeks with my gorgeous son....have I mention he's been sleep deprived and over tired for over a month and a bit over the top, even by 2.5 year old standards?! sigh! Thank goodness for passes to the zoo and the museums, as we'll be there a lot!!

Gotta run, little miss seems to be trying out for the opera. sadly i don't think she's got what it takes ;-)