Monday, August 17, 2009


I never really paid much attention to sleep before having kids. I mean, I used to get a lot of it. Probably more than your average person. I really really really like(d) it.

But with children sleep becomes something different. And I'm not even talking about my lack of it. It is often the first thing people will ask you when they see your newborn. "Oh, what a cutie" they'll say, promptly followed by a "is she a good sleeper?".

Listen in to to 3 conversations at a playground and at least one is bound to be about sleep.

With the newborn, I don't like to talk about her sleeping habits, lest I jinx it.

This superstition is a hangover from my first. Without fail, as soon as I would mention that he was a good sleeper, we would have a week of lousy sleeps. So now I just nod and smile and quickly change the topic when Little Miss' sleep enters the conversation.

As for the Little Man, his sleep, well...he's entering that stage where if he naps for too long during the day, he's ready to stay up past my bedtime at night. This is a sad stage for Mommy...a really sad stage. To say that when they both nap at the same time is my favorite time of the day might sound unloving, but it's true, it is my favorite time. I love the quiet. I will just sit on the couch and enjoy the silence. I mean I never have enough time to actually get anything done, so I just sit there for the few minutes of quiet and enjoy. But now I will have to start monitoring Little Man's sleep, and wake him up after an hour or so. Those few minutes of absolute silence may end up being only a few seconds. It's either that or kiss my own 9pm bedtime goodbye!

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