Sunday, July 25, 2010

Now you see him, now you don't

Shopping expedition = FAIL

So my darling son and I were having a day out in the big city. The plan was to take the train, the ferry, have lunch and just hang out. The only glitch was that as we were heading into the city, I remembered that we needed to do some clothes shopping for a family photo shoot planned for the next day. No problem, I figured a quick detour to the department store wouldn't be a big deal.

Yeah, well, never make assumptions! For starters, have you ever tried to buy clothes for yourself with a 3 year old in tow....that's what I thought. You either bought an armload of clothes that you never tried on or you left with nothing - in either case, you probably ended up with nothing (if you're new, i'll explain - that armful of clothes you bought - none of it fit or looked awful so you returned it all). But sadly that's not even what this post is about.
No, my shopping trip was a big fail because it was so boring for little man that he decided to play a 'trick' on me...hahahahahah...ya, not so much.

You see, as I was mentally trying on some really bad fashion statements, the little mr man decided it would be *fun* to see what it would be like to *vanish* behind some clothes - not a big deal, as usually as I see him disappear, however today, I didn't see the beginning of the vanishing trick. When I looked up from the "80s mistake redux" my darling son was *gone*. Gone as in NOT there.

I yell out his name, not once, not twice, but THREE times and it feels like I could hear a pin drop in the store. And still NO little man. My heart starts to pump, I'm scanning the store, yelling out his name in a panicked voice, worst case scenarios popping up in my head. And still, I don't see or hear him. All I see are the women around me that seem to be looking at me like I'm mad. Not one sympathetic look. I start to think I've gone mad. Is there a child standing by my side??? still no. One last time, I yell out his name, and finally he comes running to me.

With him in my arms, I collapse on the floor with him and start crying. In my rational mind, I know I'm being ridiculous. This whole episode probably took no longer than a minute. I am a rational woman. I know that people don't go snatching kids. The majority of missing kids are usually with with a parent, friend or relative. and again, the entire episode was not even an entire minute.

I didn't end up buying anything and on Little Mr. Man's suggestion we ended up having ice cream for lunch. With sprinkles and chocolate sauce. and lots of hugs.


  1. Ooooh, scary!I haven't actually had that one happen to me yet, but can imagine! And not easy to recover from such a surge of emotion, I'm sure! Did Little Man get how serious this was from your reaction? Think he'll be doing it again?

  2. You know, I think he did realize the seriousness of it. A few days after this incident we were out and he was very careful to make sure I knew where he was.

  3. It's a terrifying situation for any mom! Today, I was working at a marketplace event and a beautiful little girl (approx 2 years old) starts to cry in front of my booth because she can't find her mommy or daddy. I was so sick with worry that I left my booth and started calling out, asking everyone who went by if they saw a panic stricken mom or dad to let them now that their daughter was safe at booth #224. Finally the hysterical parents were reunited with their child. I always worry because there are so many sick crazy people who would have happily abducted that child ... but I mustn't think that way. This story had a happy ending!

  4. I remember doing this when I was little hiding in the clothes racks at stores, now as a mom I can't stand it when B does this. It's the 2 second heart drop to the pit of your stomach, why ever ride a roller coaster again just take your kid shopping feeling.
    I wonder what would happen if I hid and she had no idea where I was. I would hide so I could see her of course, I'm not that crazy!
    New follower from Bloggy moms