Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh the lies

Little Mr. Man has a great imagination, but where's the fine line between imagination and fibbing or out right lying?
On our walk the other day he was telling me about the Monster he saw when we turned the corner, describing in detail the colour and what it was doing. it was a friendly monster. it was green. it was on the road.
This is fun and the type of story telling I expect. What I didn't expect was him telling me stories about a boy at his daycare. First the boy was punching him, next it was pinching, then they were playing, then back to pinching. Was this storytelling or is there a bully in our midst?

The trouble is that the boy in question is a bit rough and is known to push (poor little guy's actually just a baby, but he's big and doesn't have much in the way of social graces). However, when the daycare staff are questioned they plead ignorance on any event that may have happened the last time Mr. Man was there. So, is he telling stories or is he being targeted by an 18-month old powerhouse?

This article ( from CNN is interesting and from the looks of it I'm in for many more years of 'story-telling'

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