Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't take parenting advice from me

So, today the first food that passed my son's mouth was a cookie, soon to be followed by another cookie. Let's just say, by the time he sat down for his healthy breakfast of mini-wheats, well, he wasn't really hungry. Surprising, no.
He was of course, very hungry at snack time, which since we were at the doctor's was some other easily transportable food item (read: chock full of preservatives and most likely other things not really related to nutritional value).

Of course all this could be tempered if we actually went out and played outside in the fresh air. But, that didn't happen. No, instead, we hung out on the couch and watched TV! Oh yeah baby, the mother who wouldn't let her child watch the 'evil' box for his first 2 years and now wastes the afternoon away in front of the ol' box! In my defence, we're all sick! Ok, we could've read books or done a puzzle...but sometimes you just gotta say what the f#%k!!!

And it wouldn't really be right if I can't end a least a few of my posts with the tag: "maybe tomorrow I'll be a better mother"

OK, so that's my bad parenting confession for the day. Feels great already having it off my chest!

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