Friday, June 25, 2010

Pierced Ears

When I was a baby, my Mom had my ears pierced. At what age, exactly, I am not sure. In fact, I'm sure I wasn't a 'baby' in the traditional sense, but I was young. Under 5 maybe?

Nowadays though, piercing a baby's ears is akin to mutilation. A comment on a recent blog read: "seeing a baby with pierced ears makes my stomach churn". Come on people, really. Pierced ears is so horrible? Now the writer of blog said she couldn't get her daughter's ears pierced because she didn't want to see her in pain, she remembers getting hers done and that it hurt like the dickens.

I remember a friend of mine piercing my ears when I was a teenager. A shot of Brandy, a safety pin, a potato (so the safety pin didn't pierce my neck) and some ice. Done! It wasn't that bad. In fact it wasn't bad at all. And I have an extremely low threshold of pain. So, I'm thinking that if you go to a professional place to get it done it probably won't 'hurt like the dickens'.

Having said all that, I will probably wait until Little Miss is a bit older. Maybe 5. Maybe 7. I'm not sure. Why wait? Quite simple. It's bad enough when I go shopping, even for me, I end up buying really cool clothes for Little Miss & Little Mr. Man. Once her ears are pierced, I won't stand a chance of getting anything! At least now, if in the jewelry store, it's all about me!

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