Monday, June 27, 2011

Ah, the sweet sound of silence

How much sleep is enough?
Why is it that so many of our conversations are about sleep and the lack of it?!

My sweet little Miss 2 year old has stopped napping at daycare. This means by the time dinner is on, she's usually in quite a state. The daycare teacher and I have had lots of talks on ways to try and get Little Miss to nap better, of course believing its the daycare environment, not her slow path to abandon her afternoon naps.

Sadly, as I sit her typing this entry, I can hear her fitfully resting in her crib. She's quiet for a few minutes and then she starts chattering, and then she'll call out for me, then she's quiet for a bit and on and on this will go for an hour or two. Sometimes she'll fall asleep, but days like today, it doesn't seem likely. She is currently chanting "Where are you?" over and over again. Of course, this means a) I will not be able to finish this post, and 2) the afternoon is going to be more challenging than normal!

The books and websites say a 2 year old should get around 10-13 hours sleep. Of course, all kids are different, so it's really hard to say what your child's needs are. I can only tell by what she's like when she doesn't nap. Impossible is one way of describing her. However, you can't force someone to fall asleep. You can however be patient. I don't want to jinx it, but I I think my sweet Little Miss has finally succumbed and is napping. Only an hour and half after I put her down!
Now if only they had the luxury of time at the daycare.

Good thing I didn't have anything planned for this afternoon!!

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