Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why my little guy didn't see Cars 2

As I sit in front of my laptop, my son is at my side watching an episode of Max & Ruby on Netflix on our modestly sized 42" TV (I say modestly sized as first we picked out a 55" TV, but I digress.)

While we sit in our living room together, most of his little daycare friends are getting ready to see Cars 2. You see one of the friends at his daycare turns 4 today and apparently LOVED the first Cars movie and so his Mom thoughtfully planned this party. Pretty cool!!

Unfortunately, DH and I decided that a nearly 2 hour 3D movie was not appropriate for our little 4 year old. I mean he gets scared watching episodes of Angelina Ballerina and Diego! Lord knows the nightmares that would ensue after 2 hours of Pixar Cars jetting around Europe, crashing, banging, shooting and torturing...Yes, I said shooting & torturing. Apparently there is a 'torture' scene in Cars 2 and the movie also features lots of guns. Oh joy!

Now, there is nothing wrong with letting your children see this movie. It has a pretty decent cast and it is Pixar after all, so I'm sure it's probably pretty funny. I'm just a ridiculously over protective Mom and I just don't want my sweet little innocent baby boy being exposed to violence.

It's funny how I feel like I need to apologize for my thoughts on this. I suppose it is because I really don't want people to feel as though I'm judging them. I'm not. I let my kids eat ice cream for breakfast. I do no judge other parents for their choices. Trust me. With a blog titled "maybe tomorrow I'll be a better mother", I'm certainly not in a position to judge others.


  1. we felt the same way. it is so weird that all of the guns and chases and explosions are so "normal" that it doesn't even merit a PG, or any kind of warning! i can't believe that people are so desensitized to violence that anyone could possibly think this would be ok for a kid. we took our 4yo to see it. it was our first movie theatre movie after seeing the first Cars on DVD and loving it. i was totally shocked.

  2. It's a 46" TV dear :o)

  3. I also feel the same way. Kale could in no way sit through 2 hours. He loves his TV - don't get me wrong - but two hours of sitting still in a theatre? NOT A CHANCE.