Wednesday, May 12, 2010

10 reasons why it's good to have children later

I tried to write a list on the perils of being an older mother, but kept on coming back to reasons why it actually isn't such a bad thing. So here you go: 10 reasons why having kids later in life isn't such a bad thing:

1. you don't care that you don't get to out to clubs any more. Been there done that.
2. you don't care that you spend most of your days in daggy clothes.
3. you've proven yourself as an academic/career person and are keen to take a break from it all.
4. if you're lucky, most of your friends procreated before you, so you can get all their hand-me-downs, making the whole thing that much less expensive!
5. you don't mind spending heaps of time on your own (well, with small baby, but that's really kinda like on your own, especially when they're new and sleep a lot).
6. you don't care what other people say or think. You've been around long enough to believe in yourself and trust your instincts.
7. you're not afraid to ask someone for help. you have enough faith in yourself that you know you're not a failure if you need a little bit of help.
8. you've been around long enough to know the traits in yourself that you dislike and aren't afraid to try and change them (if for no other reason than it really sucks seeing them mirrored back at you but via a 3 year old)
9. kids keep you young. my brother once told me that you're only 'old' when you have kids in high school. so some 40 year olds may be old, but you're not ;-)
10. when you're old they'll be young enough to take care of you and not put you in an old age home.


  1. This is such a refreshing list! I'm used to reading things that keep saying that there are only negatives. It's nice to read that there are positives to having kids later! :D

  2. hear hear! I could add quite a few to that.