Monday, May 3, 2010

Mommy Mojo

I feel my Mommy mojo coming back. Well, I did, at least for about an hour the other day

I mean I really had it going on. Made goop (cornflour & water, even added some food colouring), had the kids enthralled. No kicking, no screaming, no fighting...for nearly an hour!! It was GREAT!! And then, it was over. The novelty of the goop wore off. I could no longer tell what colour the kids' clothes were from all the 'goop' covering them. And the kitchen floor...suffice to say, 2 days later I'm still finding bits of it. But it sure felt good to feel like I was 'mommy in control'.

That's the problem really. Most of the time, with both the kids at home, I don't feel like i"m in control. I'm more like a really bad referee. You know the kind-- spends most of the time running up and down the field and misses really important calls and the players yell and throw things at. And unlike the referee, there is no end to my game ;-)

The solution: Spending as little time at home as possible and when we are home, breaking out the 365 toddler activities book! Free play is for weekends when Daddy's home ;-)

How do you manage those looooong rainy days at home?

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