Monday, May 24, 2010

Eau de Hobo

So Little Mr. Man thinks it's fun to smell like a hobo. He must, otherwise why would he insist on peeing in his pants?

OK, so yes, next time round I'll pay more attention to the know-it-all-adults who say you should not follow the child's lead, in terms of TT, but rather wait until they're 3 (for boys at least, so really what am i saying, there won't be a "next time round" because i only have the two, one boy and one girl, and there ain't no more ;-)
anyhoo, so yes, I concede maybe, just maybe we were a bit quick on the gun with the whole TT thing, but really, it's been a really freakin' long time now, the kid is over 3, but yet he still fancies the feel of cold cloth against his skin (that reeks) rather taking 3 minutes out of his really important play and going to the bathroom.

What gives? My theory is simply that he hates me! You know, it's punishment for being such a lousy mother, but then, he does it at pre-school and really, who doesn't LOVE their pre=school teacher??? So there goes that theory, guess the little guy doesn't hate me after all?! I'm completely stymied.

I suppose I should feel blessed though, as many a friend has commented that although their darling sons have no problem going wee in the toilet, their child would rather walk around with underpants full of poop than concede and sit on a toilet. So really, maybe it's just the way it is in pre-school land. Eau de Hobo is au courant and us 'oldies' ought to just but out and let them do their thang!

So dear reader, what do you do to keep sane in TT wars?

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