Monday, April 25, 2011

Not all people suck

On Saturday DS and I had a wonderful day exploring this beautiful city on a very rare warm and sunny day.

On the skytrain on the way home DS was a little disappointed at how busy it was and that he could not sit in the "driver's seat" at the very front of the train. When the spot was finally free he was thrilled, however before we could make our way to claim the seat, an older man was already sitting in it.

Just as I told Little Mr. Man that he would have to stay put, a young woman came up to me to clarify that in fact my little guy wanted to sit in the driver's seat and then approached the older man and asked him if he would mind giving up his seat so a four year old could sit there and "drive" the train. The man kindly obliged and true to form, DS was elated and very excited about his new seat!

After thanking the man and woman, I could feel my faith in humanity being restored. All I could think was that not all people suck, and how fortunate I've been to be the recipient of these really nice actions.

Thinking about how good it makes me feel to have others do nice things for me is a great reminder about doing the same for others. Not a new idea I know, but one worth repeating!

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