Monday, May 16, 2011

The environmental cost of children

How my children are not eco-friendly:

From the uneaten food I throw out regularly, I think my kids must hate all living beings, farm animals in particular.

From the emptied out boxes of unused Kleenex strewn all over my house, I think my kids must really hate trees.

From the excessive water play and toilet flushing, I think my kids must really hate the notion of water conservation.

From the sand and grime my kids trek through the house, causing me to use the vacuum more than anyone ought to in one day, I think my kids must really LOVE hydro!

From the amount of colds and infections my kids have had in their few years on Earth, I think they must really love big pharma!

From the number of outings my kids insist on having on a daily basis, my children must really love Big Oil!

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  1. hehe that's quite true isn't it! But they're so cute so all is forgiven! :P