Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ah summer...

For some summer is the season of choice. For others, like myself, it brings on the dread of having to go to the beach and be seen with not enough clothes on.

Over the years I have been been able to get out of going to the beach without much hassle, however, now that we live in Australia (without air conditioning) and have 2 kids, the beach and summer are synonymous and not going is simply not an option. And in fact this is a good thing. I am learning, slowly, that unless you look like a model, people are really not paying you much attention. I have also learned that if you want a stress-free day, with none or limited outbursts from your 2.5 year old, the beach is the place to be.

Turns out, Little Mr. Man is happiest covered in sand, with a salty breeze blowing on him, and waves crashing onto the shore. Just hope that there's no seaweed on said shore. Or in the water. And if there is, be prepared for screams and howls. Thankfully, the freak-outs are short lived. There's not much the promise of ice cream can't cure. And so, summer is slowly becoming my season of choice...

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