Wednesday, January 27, 2010

up with the roosters

It is only 9 am and I feel like I'm ready for lunch, I've been up that long! OK, maybe not lunch, but I'm already on my second cup of caffeine and could use another. OMG why oh why does Mr. Man think it's OK to rise before the roosters?

The last few mornings he's been waking up at 5:40, this morning it was 5:20. As said in Planes Trains & Automobiles "you're going the wrong the way"!! After a quick Google search I am nowhere ahead, according to the websites in the know, I'm either putting him to bed too early or too late. Hmmmm, thanks for that. Perhaps parenting by Google isn't the best approach.

At least he amuses himself in his room for a little while before barging into my room advising me it's time to wake up. My favourite though is when he comes in to tell me that he's going to play in his room. Um, thanks, I think.

As with all things, pleasant and unpleasant, this is just a phase and soon he will be back to waking at his regular time, 6:30. Not great, but much better than 5:30.

Until then, there's not much hope for coherent thoughts, so if the posts don't make much sense, stay up all night, then read them and they'll seem perfectly fine.

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