Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day came crashing down to a bitter end this year when Mr. Man decided that it was OK to bite down, hard, on Little Miss' hand. And I mean hard...No blood, but imprints that lasted for a very long time.
Really, this should not come as a surprise to me though. All my life I've been reminded of the time, when, as a mere 1 year old (with a full set of teeth apparently), I chomped down so hard on my big brother's stomach I drew blood--through 2 layers of clothing. In my defence, we come from a stereotypically dysfunctional family, wherein such behaviour is expected--or something like that.
Does that mean that my darling son and daughter are living in a dysfunctional home? Or maybe, it's just a phase. Don't all kids go through a biting phase? It was only just the once. And in his defence, he was hungry and her fingers sure do look tasty ;-)

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