Thursday, September 2, 2010

Best kids in the world!

Haven't had a lot of time of late to think, let alone jot a line down here.

We have successfully moved to Vancouver, Canada from Sydney, Australia. In 4 short days, we test drove at least 4 cars, two of which we've had overnight. Checked out 2 preschools/daycares, finally got to see the house we bought (without having stepped foot in), got drivers licenses, put my name down on a VERY long list for an iPhone 4, shopped at WalMart & PetSmart but not Costco, hired a babysitter for 6 hours (sounds way more exciting than it was - non-child time was needed for mortgage talk and car talk) and probably a few more really non-exciting things.

All of that, and both my kids have been super duper! Seriously. OK, so we've had a bit of attitude from Little Mr. Man and Little Miss has been a bit grottier than usual, but really nothing more than what you'd get after a busy weekend. Plus, they've barely seen the inside of a playground, only had a few sniffs of fresh air and not one single playdate! Basically, it's been in and out of the car, in and out of shops and strange surroundings and unfamiliar faces. Hmmm, maybe they're just in a state of shock and the real effects of the move won't be for another couple of weeks??!!
Here's hoping that's not the case and I just have two of the best kids ever!

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