Monday, September 27, 2010

Road tripping

So, what's your take on DVDs in cars?

If you know me you probably won't be surprised to hear (read) that I am not a fan. When I was a kid we did a lot of driving and, seeing as I'm near ancient, we did not have DVDs (or even CDs). We did have a tape deck, but I really don't recall ever getting to listen to 'my music' in the car. Of course that's because 'my music' was on records and those didn't work in the car ;-p

But I digress. When I was little my brother and I learned to amuse ourselves, beat each other up while strapped in, and continuously invent new ways to drive our parents crazy! The joys of the road trip!

Now I just got back from a 4 hour road trip (each way) with my 16 month and 3.5 year old, solo. That's right, Mighty Lungs, her big brother and I braved the roads on our own. And lived to tell about it!

The ride up was a bit more 'difficult' than the ride home. On the way up, Mighty Lungs thought it was great fun to scream. I don't call her Mighty Lungs for nothing. I did learn that if I passed back a toy she'd stop screaming. So i had an ample supply of toys up front and kept on passing them back. Sadly she'd burn them in no time. Food also helped. Suffice to say, that by the time we arrived at our destination she nearly had enough food and toys piled up below her to make a comfy ottoman.

Little Mr. Man didn't like the screaming either. Unfortunately, he thought she would stop if he screamed too...I stopped him in his tracks though, because 1) his screaming had no effect on hers and 2) I told him if he didn't stop, I'd pull the car over and leave his cars on the side of the road.

Of course it should come as no surprise that the next time Mighty Lungs screamed the little guy asked me to pull over. His answer, when I asked why was "Pull over so we can leave Miss Moo (AKA, Mighty Lungs) on the side of the road". Much to his dismay I explained that was not an option.

Little Mr. Man did manage to quell her screeches by pulling his boot off and on, putting his foot up and yelling out "Woody" (he was wearing Toy Story socks with Woody on them). Might not work on Saturday Night Live, but Missy Mood (that was a typo, but I think it might be her new nickname!) sure loved it!!

Little Mr. Man and I played a bit of I spy and talked about all the cool things we could see (in between Might Lung's screeching sessions). We talked about what we would do when we got to our destination. He amused himself with his toys and played nicely with his sister (again, in between her screeching & screaming).

On the way back there was little screaming and much more sleeping. No need for "woody", food or toys really. Both kids fell asleep for a good hour and I got to enjoy driving my new super duper car. I even listened to one of my CDs.

Much to my husband's dismay, this road trip did not convert me into believing that DVDs are needed in the car.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. I must admit I've never grown up with a DVD in the car and I think we coped just fine but we were pretty quiet kids. I'm amazed about the new toys and things like that out for kids nowadays! :o