Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Maybe tomorrow I won't forget your lunch AND your snacks at home on the kitchen counter....

Without fail, I'll be about 2 minutes away from the house and I'll realize that I left Ryan's carefully prepared and packed food on the kitchen counter. Do I turn around, drive back to the house, take him out of his car seat, rummage through my purse/diaper bag for house keys, run into the house and get his food, then put him back in the car seat and go on our merry way? Or do I keep on driving and figure we'll have lunch out?!
Of course I tend to settle for the latter...there's always a grocery store or coffee shop nearby to where we're going (usually the grocery store or coffee shop anyway) so why go through all that hassle? Maybe I should just stop packing his lunch!

Today's been a fine day! Apparently Ryan's decided he doesn't need to sleep and was up chatting away to himself at 4:47 am. How sweet...dadadadadadadadadadadadadadada...he managed to amuse himself with his babbling for about 20 minutes and then I guess he said something that really pissed himself off, because boy oh boy did he start screaming. I tried to re-settle him because he looked so tired (could be a bit of projecting going there), but no luck.

The Indian food he had last night sure smelled great this morning...thanks glad you've decided to make 'flavours of the world' baby food. Suffice to say I'm thrilled that my darling son likes Indian food...too bad I'll never be able to eat it again.

Well, that's all the time I have for now. Have a million and ten things to do while he's having his afternoon nap and he's already been down for about 40 minutes and all I really want is a nice cup of tea and a biscuit (i've tried every afternoon this week--it's now Thursday--and have only gotten as far as making the tea, haven't been able to drink it yet, let alone dunk my biscuit! Maybe today will be my lucky day.

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