Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maybe tomorrow I'll find the perfect activity

I spent the better part of early Sunday morning searching the net for the perfect playground. You know, the one that's shaded, has the rubber on the ground (to help prevent serious injury when DS falls), has lots of swings and things for toddlers, perfectly manicured lawn surrounding it, with no dog poo, needles or other unsavoury items...I found what i thought would be the perfect place, and it was...it just wasn't worth the 20 minute drive. It was just like the playgrounds that are 5 minutes away, on foot. So why the drive? Online it sounded far superior, but in reality it was a playground, just like all the others. Ok, maybe it was a little bit more shaded, but not much.

What I don't understand is why more of the parks around here are not shaded, naturally or with the sails? When you read stats that say that 1 in 2 people here have skin cancer you'd think there would be a bit of an effort to try and help shield the little people as long as possible. I know shade doens't prevent you from UV but it helps a bit and makes it a bit more bearable to be outside.

In a climate as hot as this one, I'm a bit surprised there aren't more indoor activities for little people. I know children's museums are expensive to start up, extremely hard to raise funding for and difficult to maintain, but surely shopping malls can see how it could benefit them to have even a small indoor play area for babies and toddlers. Heck, I'd be there every day if they did...and i'd probalby spend a fair bit each of those days too. Instead, on days like today when it is supposed to be in the mid 30s with medium to high humidty my DS and I are stuck inside...ALL DAY...

Maybe I should stop 'blogging' and resume searching...maybe tomorrow :-)

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