Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Maybe tomorrow I'll be a better Mom.

Maybe tomorrow....
...I’ll sit and play with you instead of checking my friends’ status updates on Facebook;
...I’ll play with you instead of talking on the phone;
...I’ll pick you up every time you whinge, cry, make a whiny;
...I’ll cook all your meals from scratch instead of feeding you commercial baby food;
...I’ll do your laundry, fold it and put it away before the cats sit and shed all over it;
...I’ll wash the floors before you crawl all over them;
...you’ll have clean clothes to wear;
...I’ll have read up on what I should be doing at this stage to help you advance developmentally;
... I’ll catch you before you fall;
... I won’t drop that pot on the floor and wake you from your slumber;
...stop dropping the ‘F’ bomb within your earshot;
...I’ll put smiley faces on your food;
...I'll remember to turn the monitor on before I fall asleep;
...I’ll learn trigonometry so I’ll be able to help you with your homework;
...I’ll throw out all the plastic dishes in the house and only use glass
...I’ll remember to put the Mozart CD on to help stimulate your cognitive development;
...I’ll read to you more;
...I’ll teach you Mandarin;
...I’ll plant a garden so I’ll know that all your food is GMO and pesticide free;
Maybe tomorrow I'll be a better Mom.

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