Monday, May 30, 2011

The Diaper Files - An Update

The diaper dramas continue. You may recall last week I was going on about Little Miss' new developmental milestone - removing of diaper, well she's raised the ante.

Since then we've had a couple more instances of stripping down in the crib, the last one was this morning. We talked about it some more, sat on the toilet some more and I thought we were good.

A little while later I see her running around the house with no pants and no diaper on. We go back to toilet, no contribution made, but the effort was there, put the diaper and pants back on, have another little chat and once again I think we're good to go.

Cleaning up after breakfast, I'm on a call with the president of the board of directors for the kids' daycare, I go into the living room to once again see Little Miss with her diaper off and pants around her ankles. This time however, she's saying poopy Mommy, poopy. I quickly get off the phone and examine the situation a little closer.

Little Miss must've started to do a poo in her diaper and decided it best to finish on the carpet. Why her big brother didn't think to let me know what was going on, I'm not too sure! Anyhow, we have another really long talk, clean her up, clean the floor up and once again I think we're good.

Oh, yes, the diaper dramas continue....

At Costco (no laughing please), Little Miss was insistent that I let her walk. She promised not to run off. And, she did keep her promise - sadly it was because she was too busy trying to get her pants and diaper off in the frozen foods aisle!

All this BEFORE 11:30 am.

Guess my little girl is growing up and it's time to bite the bullet and start potty training.

At least I'll have no shortage of things to write in my blog!!

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