Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Minor rant of a delusional mother

At the Starbucks the other morning a man asked how old my kids were. I told him, 4 and 2.
He responds, "no kindergarden???"

I say "no"

Him: "what about pre-school or daycare?

Me: blank stare, start to say that they're in daycare 3 days a week, but before I could get the word daycare out he interjects with:
"when my kids were small they were in Gymboree and busy busy after that. all day. all the time..."

me: (realizing he doesn't want a conversation but rather to offer me his pearls of parenting wisdom, respond with another blank stare. All the while dying inside, wondering how much damage I'm doing to my children for not having every minute of their lives scheduled. After a quick mental self-slap I snapped out of it and continued to enjoy the Mommy & kids time I was previously enjoying)

Deep down, I know the man meant well. I'm sure he wasn't even passing judgement on my poor parenting skills (as my children were wreaking havoc at the Safeway Starbucks playing bumper cars with the "car" trolleys!). I'm sure he was lamenting how busy his kids were and how he had such little free, unscheduled time with his darling children. Yes, of course, that is exactly what he was thinking!!

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