Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When I'm Five

Little Mr. Man announced that he thinks wearing underwear to bed is a good idea. When he's 5. He just turned 4. He wears pull-ups to bed.
Up until that announcement he's never even expressed the slightest interest in night time potty training. He seems quite happy to pee in his pull-ups.

Of course, I've been reading about this issue for quite a while. All my friend's children seemed to start staying dry pretty soon after they mastered daytime potty training. No one's seemed to have any issues. They're kids just stopped peeing at night. Easy Peasy.

So, as any self-respecting, loving and caring mother would do I turned to the Internet for guidance. Didn't find much help there either, although I did get a good laugh. Here's a highlight of what those in know have to say about the issue:

For starters, most discussions start by saying the "child needs to be developmentally ready". Apparently the development between bladder and brain in my little man is seriously out of whack with the rest of his development. This is the same child that went downstairs and fixed himself breakfast this morning because he didn't want to wake me up. Without making a mess. He reminded me of this as I was getting him a second bowl of Cheerios and promptly spilled Almond Milk all over the table. Who's not developmentally ready?!

Other suggestions just make me laugh out loud! One of my favorites is the suggestion to wake your child before you go to bed. They say the child will be so sleepy they won't remember. They also say it won't do much in terms of getting them to stay dry on their own, so that you'll have to continue to do this until, well I guess, until they're developmentally ready. The part I find funny is that I don't usually stay up much past the little guy. In fact, my husband and I have both been known to fall in asleep in his bed before he does during our night time snuggles. I don't think this option will do us much good!

Another one I find quite funny is the suggestion to take your child to the bathroom if they come to your bed in the middle of the night. Right, so I'm to have the wherewithal at 2:00 am to not only calm him from whatever 'bad guys' were haunting his dreams but to also take him to the toilet?! I can't even take him first thing in the morning when he wakes up (another brilliant suggestion)! There's a reason why the little guy was making his own breakfast - Mommy doesn't do mornings (or middle of the nights)!

Clearly my sweet breakfast-making-little-man is not ready for night-time potty training. Not only has he never stayed dry at night, it really doesn't seem to bother him. I suppose it shouldn't bother me. Should it?

How have you dealt with night-time potty training?


  1. Could write a book in response...hope to get back to you about this...