Wednesday, May 25, 2011

diaper on, diaper off

Diaper on, diaper off.

The other night I went in to give her a good night kiss and she was completely NAKED. No diaper, no jammies, no nothin'. Just her adorable little tush sticking up in the air. And pee soaked blankie, hop hop and sheets, of course (mercifully no poop!).

After a long chat the next day, I thought we'd remedied the situation; and we did...

...until this afternoon that is.

I thought Little Miss & her big brother were playing nicely in the living room while I was getting their lunch ready, until it got really quiet.

When I came into the living room Little Miss had taken her pants and diaper off and was squatting on the carpet. Thankfully she didn't pee or poop on the floor!

Off to the loo we went, but nothing.

I'm afraid to leave the house, for fear that if I turn away for a minute she'll be stripping down in Costco or Safeway (yeah, we really live the fun life!!)

I'll keep you posted ;-)

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  1. LOL!! Mine have stripped at home, but not in public. Wish you as much luck!